A 4 minute film that tells of the day in 1888 that Bertha Benz drove the worlds first passenger car from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany. Early one morning, after her husband Carl Benz gave up on his invention, Bertha took her two sons out for the 12-hour, 106-km / 65-mile trip determined to prove it worked, at a time when people were skeptical of this new technology.

The film is dedicated to and launched on International Women's day 2019.

Filmed in the style of a classic Western and recreated in the countryside of Transylvania combining extensive location scouting, period research and concept visuals to find a selection of villages and towns that combined create the unique look of the film.

The 19th century domestic interiors and bar were referenced from paintings and built into and recreated in locations, and the streets and farmland dressed to period.

The Mercedes patent car type 3 was loaned from the Mercedes historic museum and adaptions made for the filming.

Robin Brown