Life in the UK appears to suck until we take a surreal trip from a present day apartment up a wormhole into the future. Landing inside a driverless CNC sculpted taxi with a prosthetic created robotic driver, and 3D projected interfaces, a 360 degree shopping experience octagonal corner shop with custom designed future products, a dystopian city centre with a triple decker buses, a monolithic Brutalist Greggs auto dispensing Vegan Sausage rolls, a smell detecting mobile phone, a 3D printed future Airliner with unsupported glass panels and skylights, travelling robot arm and robotic attendant dispensing hot towels, a future planet gaming scene with custom designed and model made turtle gun, banana, and fist launcher weapons, sfx explosions, and a future Brutalist mensroom with CNC Cut cubicles and Pod hand basins, a future apartment with CNC cut and formed Mayan inspired 3 Dimensional wall panelling in a marbled stone, custom layered curvilinear Sofa, floating island kitchen, and a Bladerunner feel, a home 3d tattoing gun, and a spaceship delivering the England Football team to London to show the World Cup, revealing they are a team of Robots.

Almost all sets designed in CAD and 3D printed or CNC cut with minimal waste and materials, complete with custom 3D printed scaffolding system.

Studio sets and location builds, hand sculpted model making and prosthetics, sfx , filmed on 35mm in Kiev. Ukraine.

Kiev Designer/Art Director Vlad Rychov . DOP Mauro Chiarello.

Robin Brown